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This is the first time that the Windows 8 Pre Beta Build Screenshots have been leaked over the web.As we all know that the beta release is still months away but according to Winunleaked which leaked screenshots of the Pre Beta Build of Windows 8 featuring Start Screen Color Customization in the upcoming windows offering.

This feature will allow the users to change the Color of the Start Screen slider so that people can choose Custom Color for their Start Screens courtesy the instant color picker,however it will not allow to check the background picture of the Start Screen.

The other leaked screenshot shows of the Summary View which facilitates the search for the applications in the Start Page,which means we can organize applications in a group via simple click right which gives us access to the menu which allows us to appoint a selected group.

As shown in the image we can organize all the multimedia apps in the same group or all the office apps in the same group,which means all the tiles related to those respective apps are grouped together as an aggregated tiles group.


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